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Cable Supplier for Automotive Control

Control cables are used to control the mechanical movements of a car. Control cables are basically stranded high tensile wire ropes which are used for brakes, gears, clutches and more for small movement control through levers/ handles. 

These wires are normally used with coiled wire casings and coated with PVC. Control cables are essential for almost all automobile systems and are capable of breaking due to too much wear and tear in use. For this reason, choosing a trusted supplier becomes important.


The Best Cable Supplier in Malaysia

At Emerald Auto Parts, our company has been recognised by many of our loyal customers as the most reputable automotive control cable supplier. Our company distributes a wide selection of BSK and TSK cables, including parking control cables, manual gear lever cables, auto gear lever cables, accelerator cables, throttle cables, clutch cables, and metre cables.


The BSK and TSK control cables are compatible with several automotive types and remote controllers for outboard and inboard engines. It is also designed with a multi-strand wire core for superior strength and adjustability, making it the ideal solution for anyone seeking control cables. Sounds interesting? Keep scrolling to view all our products available today.