Buy Affordable Clutch Master Pump Prices in Malaysia

The clutch master pump is the component that connects to the clutch pedal and the clutch booster through the brake hose. Its function is to collect pedal strokes and disengage the clutch through the booster.

If the clutch is too heavy to disengage, gear shifting will become difficult. This is why you should consider choosing the clutch pumps sold at our store. Our products are made with high quality to ensure your clutch’s effectiveness.

Our clutch pump’s prices are sold at competitive prices and are fairly affordable and reasonable compared to other sellers based in Malaysia.

Discover Our Bestselling Disc Brake Repair Kits

A repair kit is a set of items used to repair a vehicle. It often contains many different types of tools and parts. Many of our kits are highly suitable for car repairs, and they can also be conveniently stored inside vehicles for on-site repairs as well.

Regular wear and tear eventually causes the rubber seals and O-rings in brake calipers to fail. This will result in brake fluid leaks and less effective braking. At Emerald Auto Parts, we have affordable and good quality disc brake repair kits that come with brand-new seals to help you prevent any brake fluid leakage, so that your vehicle can perform efficiently.