Brembo Xtra Pad

The ideal solution for enhancing the features of the Brembo Max and Brembo Xtra discs
Brembo’s Xtra pads have been developed to enhance the advantages offered by Brembo’s drilled and slotted discs. They are the ideal solution for the car lovers who enjoy sports driving without sacrificing the comfort and durability during road usage.

This technical solution is linked with the Brembo Max and Brembo Xtra discs and has brilliantly passed the most demanding road and bench tests. Even for the cars belonging to the medium segment that the XTRA and MAX range of performing discs is targeting.

All the medium and sports compact cars produced recently now on the market are among the applications that can fit the new pads. Search our online catalog and find out if there are sport discs and pads for your car!

The compound
In order to produce the new Xtra brake pads our engineers have developed the BRM X L01 material. It is made of over 30 different components that have been studied and tested in our advanced research laboratories.

This innovative material comes straight from Brembo’s experience in the original equipment area and in the High Performance products that are needed for taming the greatest powers. It combines the characteristics that excellent performance needs with the comfort that the top segment requires.

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