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  • ATE Power disc

    ATE invented an innovative endless groove, which has several important functions: a sporty look, more performance and safety, plus abrasion control at a glance – and these are by…

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  • Brembo Floating Disc

    Floating discs feature an aluminium hub which ensures a considerable reduction in the unsprung weight, with a positive effect on comfort, road handling and consumption/emission levels. The system performance…

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  • Brembo Max Disc

    Brembo Max are slotted and painted discs that provide superior braking performance in all conditions, especially on slick surfaces, optimising road performance and ensuring continuous renewal of the friction…

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  • Brembo Standard Disc

    Brembo offers a brake disc range with excellent performance, reliability, durability, and comfort in all conditions. With reasonable price at highest quality for all types of car models including…

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  • Brembo XTRA Disc

    The new range of Brembo Xtra brake discs is characterised by special drillings which combines the appealing aesthetic effect with brilliant performance and effective braking in all conditions.

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  • Remsa Brake Disc

    Remsa discs are manufactured using grey iron smelting with a very high content of laminar graphite in a perlitic matrix which exceeds the EN-GJL 200 grade and it’s predecessor…

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  • Sanwa Sport disc

    Sanwa drilled+slotted disc offers ultimate braking. Besides its stylish look, the disc has high friction, tolerance of high temperature and great performance.

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  • Sanwa Standard Disc

    Sanwa disc has great reputation of its durability and quality. At affordable price, this Japanese high technology brand gives the best performance and satisfaction.

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