Top Features Of A Good Quality Brake Disc That Is Suitable For Heavy Rains

If you’re new to cars, you’re probably wondering what type of brake discs you should buy. You might also be wondering what are the best features you should look for in a brake disc.

So, if that’s you, then this article would be super helpful for you to choose the right brake disc that is suitable for heavy rains in Malaysia. Keep reading below to learn more today.


What Is A Brake Disc?

Let’s first start off with a basic guide about brake discs. So, a brake disc is attached to the suspension of the car wheel. It is an important part of your car because it is gripped together by brake pads which helps the car to stop, after you apply your brakes.

As you can see, that’s why it’s so important to have good quality brake discs for your car. This is important, especially during heavy rains in Malaysia, as your brake disc can help to stop your car immediately and prevent any unnecessary accidents.


Undeniable Features of A Good Brake Disc For Heavy Rains

1. Good Quality Brake Discs Are More Heat Resistant & Long Lasting

As a car owner, you would want your brake discs to be durable and long lasting. This means you should pay attention to good quality brake discs that are more heat resistant and are faster at cooling.

When the temperature of a brake disc is able to cool faster, then it will improve its heat dissipation capacity, and also makes it more resistant to thermal cracking. Thus, making it long lasting and more durable which is convenient for you as a driver, so you don’t have to keep changing your brake discs so frequently, especially during a heavy rain season in Malaysia, which is a hassle and inconvenient.


2. A Good Brake Disc Must Have A Strong Grip & Braking Performance

If you are finding it difficult to apply your brakes, then it’s time to check the condition of your brake discs. A good brake disc must have a strong grip, so that you can apply your brakes in time without hitting the car in front of you.

So, you need to ensure that you are using good quality brake discs, so that your car has a good braking system. This will avoid putting you and your passengers in danger when driving during a heavy rain.


3. Try Using Brembo Brake Discs – They’re The Best

















Thanks to Brembo’s advanced technology, its brake discs are proven to be much safer for drivers when driving in heavy rains. This is because Brembo brake discs have a unique design that disrupts the layer of water quickly, to ensure that your braking performance remains unaffected by the heavy rain.

Other than that, Brembo brake discs have a good friction coefficient, so that you can achieve faster braking performance and allow you to apply your brakes so that your car will stop immediately even when it’s raining.

A good example of this is our Brembo Xtra Brake Discs. They are designed with drilled holes, to ensure better grip between the disc and the pads that helps the car to stop immediately. This is very useful for you, especially when the front car applies their brakes unexpectedly on the road.

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