Where to Find Brembo Disc in Malaysia & Why Is It So Special?

Emerald Auto Parts is an Official Distributor of Brembo Italy. Our company is located in Kuala Lumpur and we supply all our customers such as mechanics, repair shops and workshops with a variety of Brembo products, including Brembo brake discs.

Brembo brake discs are an important component in the vehicle whenever the driver applies the brake. It serves as the contact surface to generate sufficient friction in the braking system. For this reason, the disc must be of good quality to withstand immense heat and pressure.

Why Are Brembo Discs So Special?

There are many reasons to consider buying Brembo discs in Malaysia. Among the most significant innovations of Brembo brake discs compared to other regular discs are:

  1. Less empty space for crack propagation
    Brembo products are manufactured and designed for quality and performance. For example, Brembo discs have a more even distribution of pillars to vanes, which reduces the space available for propagation of thermal cracks on the braking surface.
  2. More thermal exchange surface
    Brembo’s discs are the most widely recognised and reputable for car braking systems. The main reason for this is because when compared to vane-type ventilation, Brembo’s pillar-type discs ensure a larger thermal exchange surface, thus, improving heat dissipation capacity.
  3. Greater air turbulence
    Inside the ventilation chamber, the pillars help generate greater air turbulence and therefore increase the cooling capacity and higher resistance to thermal cracks by more than 40%. This is because Brembo rotors are drilled and slotted like sports cars which allows heat to dissipate more effectively.
  4. Optimises the braking power 

Brembo’s discs are made of high friction material to offer maximum stiffness and optimises the braking power of the car. This makes it safer for the driver when applying the brakes on the road, especially in heavy traffic and congested areas such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

  1. Lightens the vehicle’s overall weight

Brembo discs are generally much lighter than other types of discs. As such, this reduces the overall weight of the car which makes the drive a much smoother experience for the driver whilst on the road.

Where To Buy Brembo Discs in Malaysia?

Emerald Auto Parts is the Official Distributor of Brembo products. Click the following link to check out all our Brembo discs in Malaysia. If you are interested, you can also reach out to us at or contact our team at 03-6241 9215.