Seiken Rubber Grease: An Essential Lubricant for Automotive Maintenance

Seiken rubber grease is a high-quality lubricant specifically designed to protect and extend the life of rubber components. Unlike petroleum-based greases, which can cause rubber to swell, deteriorate, or lose elasticity, Seiken rubber grease is formulated to be compatible with rubber materials, ensuring they remain flexible and intact over time.

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Advantages Over Conventional Greases

Compatibility: Unlike petroleum-based greases, Seiken rubber grease is specifically formulated to be non-reactive with rubber.

Longevity: Extends the service life of rubber components by preventing degradation and maintaining elasticity.

Performance: Ensures reliable performance of critical systems like brakes and clutches, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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Composition and Properties
Seiken rubber grease typically comprises synthetic oils and thickeners that provide excellent resistance to water, heat, and oxidation. Its key properties include:

Chemical Stability: It doesn’t react adversely with rubber, preventing degradation.

High Temperature Resistance: Effective in a wide range of temperatures, ensuring
consistent performance in both cold and hot conditions.

Water Resistance: Protects rubber components from water damage and corrosion.

Low Friction: Reduces wear and tear by providing a smooth lubricating layer between moving parts.

Applications in Automotive Maintenance
Seiken rubber grease is used in various parts of a vehicle, including:

Brake Systems: Lubricates and protects rubber seals, pistons, and other components in hydraulic brake systems, ensuring smooth operation and preventing leaks.

Clutch Systems: Maintains the integrity of rubber parts in hydraulic clutch systems.

Suspension Systems: Protects and lubricates rubber bushings, mounts, and seals in the suspension system, contributing to smoother rides and extended component life.

Steering Systems: Ensures smooth operation of steering components by lubricating and protecting rubber seals and joints.