FLAMMA Ignition Coil

FLAMMA is an ignition coil that finally came into being after strenuous R&D activities by the Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (YEC): A company continuously striving to live up to the distinctive reliability and quality feeling held towards a Japanese brand.

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An ignition coil is an induction coil that is a part of an automobile’s ignition system. The coil’s function is to convert the voltage from the battery into thousands of volts that help to generate an electric spark in the spark plugs, which in turn ignites the gasoline.

The Flamma ignition coil is manufactured by Yamaguchi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (YEC), a company that constantly works to match the reputation for dependability and quality associated with the Japanese brand.

Rapid research and development in the field of automotive electric components has resulted in a gradual industry transition toward a more efficient ignition system. In response, YEC pioneered the development of a revolutionary ignition coil, a product that was actually demanded by customers in the automobile repair parts industry.

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YEC is also a company that has a history of developing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality distributor caps and rotors, which have earned the company a reputation as a major player in the repair parts market.

As a result of these successes over the years, a significant portion of the general public has become more aware of the YEC brand as a manufacturer of premium distributors.

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