SANWA Timing Chain Kits Set

Sanwa Timing Kit Set

The Sanwa Timing Kit Set is manufactured by Sanwa Seiki Ltd., an established company that produces stellar and efficient automotive products.

The timing chain in the engine is built to endure long periods of time and can withstand thousands of miles of use. However, if it is not properly lubricated, it may become worn out and stretch more quickly than it normally would, and your engine may stall out or misfire if it has a timing chain that is worn out.

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Here at Emerald Auto Parts, we provide an industry-approved engine timing kit so that you can keep your engine operating at its optimal performance.

The majority of our Sanwa timing kit sets include replacement timing chains, sprockets, tensioners, and various other parts that can help with the synchronization of the crankshaft and camshaft that your engine needs to keep running smoothly. Don’t wait. Check out all our products today!