SEIWA Spark Plug Cables

Seiwa Spark Plug Wires

The spark plug wires, also known as ignition wires or high tension cables, carry the spark from the distributor, ignition coil, or magneto to the spark plugs in an internal combustion engine. The spark that follows ignites the air-fuel mixture that is contained within the combustion chamber of the engine.

This process kicks off with the ignition coil, which is responsible for transforming electricity with a low voltage into electricity with a very high voltage. Heat is generated as a result of the passage of this energy through the ignition wires. The wiring for the ignition might grow brittle over time, fracture, or even break down entirely.

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When this happens, a spark that is either too weak or nonexistent may prevent the gasoline in the engine’s cylinder from igniting. Also, if a significant number of the spark ignition wires are destroyed, it is possible that the car or truck may not operate at all.

Because of this, choosing spark plugs for an engine that can dissipate extra heat generated each time combustion takes place in every cylinder is essential, and the Seiwa Spark Plug Wires brand is currently the most competitive option on the market.

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