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  • Akebono Brake Pads

    Akebono is an original equipment manufacturer on many Asian vehicles making Akebono ProACT® Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads ideal when replacing brake pads for the safe, quiet, clean, dependable braking…

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  • ATE Brake pads

    ATE pads with 150 different pad compounds we have exactly the right product for every type of vehicle – and the best range for our customers.

    Our products naturally comply…

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  • ATE Power disc

    ATE invented an innovative endless groove, which has several important functions: a sporty look, more performance and safety, plus abrasion control at a glance – and these are by…

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  • ATE SL (1L)

    ATE DOT 4 Brake Fluid SL is a proven hydraulic fluid for hydraulic brake and clutch systems of motor vehicles.

    It is a mixture of polyethylene glycol ethers, polyethylene glycols…

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  • ATE SL.6 (1L)

    Due to ATE SL.6 low viscosity at extremely low temperatures, particularly well suited to brake systems with electronically controlled hydraulic components which require rapid modulation of the brake pressure…

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  • ATE Super DOT 5.1

    ATE Super DOT 5.1 brake fluid intended for use as hydraulic fluid in motor vehicle brake and clutch systems.

    Thanks to its low viscosity at extremely low temperatures, this brake…

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  • ATE TYP200

    This ATE TYP200 for hydraulic brake and clutch systems of motor vehicles exhibits the best capability for water absorption and the highest boiling point reserve of all ATE brake…

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  • ATE Wheel Speed Sensor

    The control systems for ABS, TCS and ESC determine the wheel speed based on signals sent by the wheel speed sensors. This information is used to prevent the wheels…

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