5 signs your car has ignition coil problems


When the ignition coil is failing or experiencing problems, it often leads to pistons misfiring or simply not firing at all, as the charge is not delivered to ignite the petrol. If you’re noticing strange noises, accompanied by a poor response from the engine leading to jerks or vibration when idling, these can be tell-tale signs that the ignition coil is on its way out.

Can’t Start the Car

If your car has only one ignition coil, then it may prevent the car from starting. If the battery is properly charged and all you seem to get when you try to turn the key or hit the button is a clicking sound, then you could be looking at a problematic ignition coil.

Use more fuel

If your engine is not burning fuel properly, the engine will need more fuel to do the same amount of work, leading to decreased fuel efficiency. Additionally, when your ignition coil malfunctions, it can also create disparities in the oxygen sensor, sending the engine more fuel than is actually required.

Oil Leak

The huge amounts of current and charge being transformed inside the ignition coil lead to heat dissipation. When the part is functioning normally, the oil usually helps get rid of this thermal energy. If the coil is broken however, this can lead to overheating, which will eventually crack the housing and the oil will start to leak out of the part.

Bad Spark Plugs

If you find that your spark plugs are faulty or worn out, then they can often draw more charge than is normally expected from the engine. This can often put too much strain on the ignition coil, damaging it over time. If you find you have spark plug problems, it’s worth checking the ignition coil at the same time.

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