Brembo History Series (1) The 1960s: The Origins Of A Leader

Brembo was founded just a few kilometres outside Bergamo in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, the father of the group’s current president.

While it began as a small mechanical workshop, the experience of its founder in the mechanical sector and metallurgy was soon put to good use for prestigious clients such as Alfa Romeo.

1964 was a historic year for Brembo, when the company started production of the first Italian brake discs for the spare parts market. Soon afterwards, production activities were broadened to include other braking system components, and the competence and specialisation of the company and the quality of its products and services earned international recognition.

This paved the way for Brembo to become the leader in the European spare part brake disc market.

* Emerald Auto Parts is Official Distributor of Brembo.