Brembo History Series (5) The 2000s: Expanding The Brand Globally Part 1

Brembo inaugurated the new millennium with a strategy of market expansion, acquiring the Brazilian company Alfa Real Minas for the machining of automobile brake discs and the assembly of engine flywheels. Brembo also acquired the British company AP Racing Limited, which is specialised in the production of brake and clutch systems for race cars and motorcycles and for high performance sports cars. To strengthen its presence in the motorcycle segment, Brembo acquired 70% of Marchesini, a company specialised in the production of magnesium wheels for race motorcycles.

2000 also marked a decisive step forward in Brembo’s incursion into the strategically vital Chinese market, with the creation of a joint venture with Yuejin Motor Group and the constitution of the company Nanjing Yuejin Automotive Brake System for the production of braking systems for automobiles and commercial vehicles.

Since 2008, Brembo has had a 70% shareholding in the joint venture NYABS. In January 2010, Brembo Nanjing Foundry Co. Ltd purchased a cast iron foundry from Donghua Automotive Industrial Co. Ltd, a member of the Saic group, China’s leading manufacturer of automobiles and commercial vehicles.

This operation consolidated the Brembo Group’s foothold in China by contributing to the creation of an integrated production centre in Nanjing, complete with foundry and machining plant for brake calipers and discs for automobiles and commercial vehicles.

The facility is now capable of offering braking systems to the Chinese market that meet Brembo’s standards for performance, style and comfort.

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