Brembo History Series (6) The 2000s: Expanding The Brand Globally Part 2

Over the past decade, Brembo has also been looking with great interest to the Indian market. 2005 saw the creation of the Pune based KBX Motorbike Products Private Ltd., a joint venture between Brembo and Bosch’s Indian subsidiary, Kalyani Brakes Ltd., for the production and commercialisation of motorcycle braking systems.

2009 was another landmark year, when Brembo inaugurated its new plant in India for the production of braking systems for motorcycles and scooters, and launched the new brand Bybre (an abbreviation of “By Brembo”) dedicated to braking systems for scooters and small-mid engine size motorcycles (up to 250 cc) for the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other countries in South East Asia (ASEAN).

In Europe, Brembo invests in Poland, where in 2006 the group’s third foundry was opened in Dabrowa Gornicza to optimise the production cycle of the disc manufacturing plant.

In 2010 construction got under way for the expansion of this industrial centre, inaugurated in October 2011, for the automobile and commercial vehicle markets, with a goal of doubling output of brake discs.

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