Discover The Hidden Secrets Behind Brembo Xtra & Max Discs

If you just became a sports driving fan, or want to learn more about Brembo’s brake discs, then this article is perfect for you.

Today, we will introduce you to Brembo’s hottest brake discs: Xtra Discs and Max Discs. Can’t tell the difference? We can show you how.

Brembo Xtra Discs & Max Discs: How Do They Look Different?

You can easily recognise Xtra Discs because they have drilled holes in the middle of the disc, and smaller ones around the side.

But for Max Discs, they are slotted and painted, and have not been drilled before without any small holes around the sides like Xtra Discs.

Curious to learn more? Scroll below to see why these two products are highly demanded by loyal Brembo fans.

The Special Features of Brembo Xtra Discs
















  1. Better Heat Dissipation Capabilities

The small holes on the Xtra Discs have a specific function to help your car’s braking system by providing better air circulation, so that the heat can dissipate much faster.

These holes also help to prevent brake fading, which means you don’t have to maintain your braking system so often, and you can focus more on enjoying your time on the road.

2. High Performance Friction Material

The Xtra Discs holes also help to clean your brake pad’s surface by producing a scraping effect to get rid of any hazardous material deposits in your braking system.

These material deposits are often caused by brake disc wear. But if you choose Xtra Discs, you won’t have to clean your braking system as often, especially if you have a very busy lifestyle.

3. Enhanced Braking Performance

If you are driving on wet or slick roads, Brembo has carefully designed their Xtra Discs to help your car’s braking system respond fast and immediately, especially during your first braking attempt.

Brembo cares a lot about your road safety, that’s why they designed the drilled holes to prevent water film from forming on the surface, and enhance your car’s braking performance, even during the rain.

The Top Features of Brembo Max Discs
















  1. UV Coated

Brembo Max Discs are good for your car, especially if it uses alloy wheels. This is because it is UV coated, which is helpful to eliminate brake disc corrosion.

This also means that your brake discs will last much longer, and you don’t have to change them so often. As such, Max Discs helps to maintain and improve your car performance in the long run.

  1. High Fading Resistance

In some situations, the temperature of your car’s braking system can increase rapidly and could cause brake fades. This is true, especially if you are driving down a mountain, which could cause the temperature to increase over 800°C.

But with Max Discs, you can rest assured that your braking systems will be protected, and you don’t have to worry about brake fading, as the Max Discs are designed with a special shape to allow for rapid gas expulsion.

3. Wear Indication

Lastly, Brembo Max Discs allows you to assess the wear indication of the brake discs yourself. This allows you to know when is the right time to change your brake discs.

For example, you’ll know it’s time to change your Max Discs if the grooves on your discs are no longer visible. This is good because it gives you a better idea of when to service your car.

Brembo Xtra Discs & Max Discs: The Perfect Partners For Brembo Xtra Pads

If you are a true sports driving fanatic, then you can consider buying either Brembo Xtra Discs OR Max Discs with Brembo Xtra Pads.

This Brembo combination is perfect for boosting your sports driving experience, and you can show off these enhanced features to your friends! Click here if you’re interested to learn more about our Brembo Xtra Pads. If you are interested in other products, you can click here for more Brembo brake pads in Malaysia.


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