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Below, we will explain more about Remsa’s manufacturing background, their brake pad’s special features, and why they are the right product for you. Let’s dive in now!

Who Is Remsa?

Remsa is an international Spanish manufacturer of brake parts in the automotive industry. Since 1970, they have built a strong market presence for manufacturing passenger and commercial brake spare parts.

Emerald Auto Parts is the Exclusive Distributor of Remsa brake pads. We supply all our customers in Malaysia with original and premium quality Remsa brake pads.

So, What Makes Remsa Brake Pads So Special?











  1. Maximum Performance On The Road

It is dangerous when the car’s brake pads are not working. So, we highly recommend that you use good brake pads like Remsa, so that the driver can enjoy maximum performance on the road.

At all Remsa factories, Remsa brake pads are tested using High Pressure Treatment (HPT). In the HPT Test, Remsa treats their brake pads at 650 degrees and at the pressure of 1 ton. This helps to ensure the brake pads will remain reliable and functional, even at very high degrees of temperature.

2. Good Short Braking Distances & Wear Rate

Car accidents often happen when drivers cannot apply their brakes in time. But most drivers won’t have this problem if they use Remsa’s brake pads for their cars.

Remsa’s brake pads are effective in protecting the safety of the driver and their families on the road. This is because Remsa manufacturers use Automatic Deep Molding Presses to manufacture their brake pads carefully.

Automatic Deep Molding Presses ensure that Remsa’s brake pads have low organic content that prevents premature wear, and produces a stable frictional behaviour when braking. As such, we suggest that you should try using Remsa’s brake pads, as it is durable and perfectly suitable for long-term use.

3. Noise Reducing Features

Many mechanics and car repair shop owners in Malaysia use Remsa brake pads to help their customers reduce loud noises from their brakes. This is because Remsa’s brake pads are made from premium quality craftsmanship where their pad materials are manufactured using good relief grooves and chamfers.

Therefore, we recommend that you use Remsa brake pads. It helps you to reduce loud brake noises effectively, and provides a better and satisfactory experience for the driver, including other road users such as pedestrians and other drivers.

4. ECE R-90 Tested

Being an international brand, Remsa has always strived to protect and preserve the environment. They do this by manufacturing environmentally-friendly brake pads that are not made of heavy metals such as lead, copper and antimony.

These types of heavy metals are very toxic to the environment, and over time, it can also cause extremely harmful and negative effects to the people’s health. Remsa’s brake pads can help to prevent these problems from even occurring in the first place.

5. Extensive R&D

Over the years, Remsa has heavily invested their efforts into extensive research and development, where they test out new materials and equipment to improve the quality of their brake pads.

Currently, Remsa has produced over 25 million car brake pad sets per year, and have manufactured a total of 130 million car spare parts in 10 different factories worldwide.

This achievement shows that you can rely on Remsa’s capability, dedication and efficiency to continue manufacturing even better brake pads than the ones they produced before.


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