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Curious to know more about Sanwa? We have written an article for you below that explains all the special features about Sanwa’s cross drilled slotted brake discs, and also why they are worth considering.

Why Buy Sanwa Products?

Sanwa’s brake discs use Japanese technology and are well known for its quality and reliability.  Sanwa  manufactures its  products with extensive R&D and decades of special formula. Continue reading below to learn what makes Sanwa’s cross drilled slotted brake discs so special worldwide.

The Secrets Behind Sanwa’s Cross Drilled Slotted Brake Discs 

  1. Decades of Special Material FormulaWe believe that Sanwa is the right choice for you because its cross drilled slotted brake discs are made from premium quality material like high carbon.High carbon material strengthens the brake discs, and makes it even more durable, and less likely for the disc to distort. This strong material also prevents the car from having any performance-related problems later on.
  1. High Friction PerformanceMany mechanic shops,automotive experts and car enthusiasts in Malaysia also use Sanwa’s cross drilled slotted brake discs because it has high friction, which gives the car a superior brake performance, and it helps to facilitate effective cooling of the disc brakes.The disc brakes can cool down much faster than standard disc brakes because of advanced Japanese technology, where the rotors are carefully drilled and slotted to expel gas from your disc brakes, and that helps to prevent overheating.
  1. High Tolerance to Hot TemperaturesSanwa’s cross drilled slotted brake discs are also manufactured to restore the car’s braking grip performance. This shows that Sanwa’s products are extremely durable and long lasting.On the other hand, if you choose to use normal brake discs, the high temperature emitted from braking will quickly affect the mechanical properties of the brake discs, and this slowly causes the material to break. Sanwa’s brake discs do not have this problem at all.
  1. Reduces Brake Fading Brake fading happens when the braking system components no longer generate enough friction to stop your car from moving, after the brake is applied. This is equally dangerous to both the driver, passengers and other road users.Sanwa’s brake discs are cross drilled and slotted. As such, they have been manufactured to withstand high temperatures and prevent brake fades, because Sanwa’s automotive technology allows the heat to dissipate much quicker than normal brake discs.
  1. Improved Brake ResponsesThe braking system of a car is one of the important features in a vehicle, especially for road safety. You may not know when you need to apply the brakes for your car. This can happen out of nowhere such as preparing to stop at a traffic light, or waiting to turn left or right at a junction.That’s why it’s always good to use reliable and durable brake discs like Sanwa’s, as it allows drivers to apply their car brakes fast and quickly, in order to protect the safety of the drivers and their families on the road.

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